2020 Mothers Day Gift Guide, Small Shop Edition

This is a crazy uncertain time, without a doubt. If you’re anything like us, you haven’t given Mother’s Day gifts much thought.

Well gals, it’s only 1 week away at this point! Eek!! Now is the time to give it some serious thought! 

It can be hard to come up with something exciting each year. So we shopped around at our favorite small brands to find fun, interesting and unique items! 

These will make great gifts for your moms, mother-in-laws and grandmothers. You could also send this to the hubby, for a gentle nudge. 🤣

Don’t you think it would be totally reasonable to buy ourselves some Mother’s Day gifts this year also? Us moms, we’ve worked major overtime these last few months. Right?!

Some of these brands are not able to send their products in the mail. They have pickup options only.  (Make sure to check with each shop for shipping delivery times or pickup availability)


You ready?! Here we go!!!! 


Pooki Font is a calligraphy brand. Molli is the cutest business owner. She has become a great friend! 

Molli has hand lettered & hand drawn cards, stickers, coloring pages, journals, calendars, mugs & more!  

Molli was so nice, she’s offered our MC Mama’s a discount! Use code MCMOMS for 15% off! 

Check out her darling products below! You’ll need one of her cards! 


Shop Pooki Font Here


Indie Ray Apparel is a clothing brand that specializes in personal styling. They've the most comfortable, beautiful clothing you’ll ever want! Us moms need comfort right? Ally has us covered. Everyone needs an Ally in their life! 

Below is our FAV sweater by Indie Ray Apparel. Love the simplicity & the cut is gorgeous. 

Shop Indie Ray Apparel Here


Handcrafted by Misa is primarily a luxury pillow brand. Melissa sells leather goods as well. You will find something for everyone within her shop! She’s got all different textures and styles. She uses high quality fabrics & materials for all of her pieces! 

Check out one of our favorites, these darling clutches! They could be used for SO many different things 🙌🏻


Shop Handcrafted by Misa Here


O Luca is a speciality leather shop! Karissa makes her pieces with the best leathers. Her brand is DREAMY, gals! Her pieces are all handmade. She’s got leather bags, purses, wallets, shoes & accessories. Check her shop out, you will not be disappointed.

 We are in love with her leather key chains & thumblets. Perfect gifts ever! She will even engrave a name on them, eeek!! 


Shop O Luca Here


Dream Dough Co; we can hardly say the shop name without drooling. Ok seriously girls, this stuff is gold. Leah is an amazing artist. She first bakes cookies & cakes, then turns them into literal pieces of art. Her work is drool worthy & jaw dropping! 

She will be 1 of 3 brands participating in a local event May 8th. You will want to stop by. It will be worth it, not even joking 😍

Check out some of her previous cookie art. Wouldn’t your Mother’s Day gift receiver be impressed?! 

Get Dream Dough Co. Info Here



La Boulangerie Macron, is a handcrafted French macron company. These macrons are amazing! She’s got delicious flavors & combinations! This would be a local gift that would yield lots of smiles ❤️

La Boulangerie Macron will be joining the local event on May 8th also. All the details are at the bottom of our guide. 

In the meantime, check out these gorgeous macrons 😍


Get La Boulangerie Macron Info Here



Bloom Floral is a local flower company. Their stunning blooms need no further explanation. If you are local to the Portland Metro Area, you NEED to get on their availability list!!! Find them on Instagram @bloomfloralwa.

Check out their gorgeous flowers in the photos below 👇🏼

Bloom Floral will be the 3rd shop in the local pop-up on May 8th 2020. See flier at bottom of the gift guide. 

Get Bloom Floral Info Here



Local Pop-up Details Here 👇🏼



Hope you enjoyed our Mother’s Day Gift Gide, Small Shop Edition. Happy-Almost-Mother’s-Day friends 🥰



 Jana + Heather





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