25 ways to stay sane during quarantine, as a mother

Whether you have a sweet newborn or you’ve got a gaggle of mid-sized children, us moms are all trying to find ways to stay sane during this time. Right?!

If you’re looking ways make it through this crazy whirlwind, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve asked our MC mama’s to share their quarantine sanity savers & compiled some of the below.

Feel free to add any other ideas in the comments! Pretty sure we can all agree that the more ideas, the better. ❤️



“Long phone calls” 

“Designing digital illustrations & taking too many pics of my kids”

“Sewing baby clothing”

“Playing outside with my kids”


“Creating & new hobbies”

“Planting a garden’

“Getting my house organized” 

“Making macrons”

“Puttering around my house”

“Snuggling my new babe & taking up a new hobby”

“Reading like crazy”


“Sunbathing, painting & gardening” 

“Getting back into working out”

“Crafts. Any kind”

“Zoom Jackbox”

“Working outside”

“Cooking & new recipes”

“FaceTime, Google Duo, Marco Polo” 

“Hot baths with lovely bath bombs”

“Latte art”

“Catching up on my to-do list”

“Painting. Fresh white walls feels SO good”

“Renovation projects”




We hope you loved hearing these ideas. We did! 

Share your sanity savers below. We would love to hear them ☺️


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