Benefits of Bamboo

Hey Mamas, 

Today we wanted to introduce one of our favorite fabrics, BAMBOO! It is known as the top eco-friendly fabric on the market today. Bamboo has some very unique qualities!


8 characteristics of bamboo: 

1. Bamboo fibers create an incredibly silky, buttery fabric. Bamboo fabric is known for it’s incredible softness. 

2. Bamboo is technically a grass rather than a tree. It is one of the most sustainable resources on earth (textile or otherwise). It is made from all natural fibers, nothing man made!

3. It grows up to a yard per single day. Bamboo never requires replanting due to its interconnected root network. Does not require tractors, fertilizers or pesticides. Incredible isn't it?

4. Bamboo is eco-friendly and bio-degradable! Yay!!  

5. Bamboo fabric is very breathable. It absorbs & evaporates humidity really well. In fact, it’s more breathable than most fabrics including cotton. It is comfortable in any temperature. It is perfect for babies, especially for overheating and sensitive skin. 

6. Bamboo minimizes CO2. It generates 35% more oxygen than trees. What? Crazy! How awesome is this?!

7. Bamboo also helps with wicking moisture away from the skin. This helps prevent baby heat rash! It is perfect for year round wear! Even our older kiddos with eczema and love this fabric because it doesn't itch!  

8. Naturally antibacterial, bamboo has its own protective 'kun' which keeps out the yucky bugs. Some of the kun is passed on when its made into linen fabric.


Did you learn anything new today? Will you be shopping bamboo fabric for your family?


We love baby outfits, swaddles & accessories made with bamboo because it is so buttery soft. Our little's love wearing anything made from this fabric! 

 Thanks for joining us! Until next time ☀️


- Jana and Heather


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