Quincy Mae

From the makers of Rylee & Cru. Quincy Mae is a baby basics apparel & accessory collection. Made by designer, illustrator & mother, Kelly Murray. This brand is inspired by her third baby. All is made with certified organic cotton. Quincy Mae offers soft neutral color palettes, minimal print patterns & velvety soft fabrics.

Kelli Murray is also the co-founder & designed for the children's brand Rylee + Cru. Which was inspired by her two older children. Quincy Mae is Kelli's third baby's name & will forever be the inspiration behind this collection.

Enjoy friends!!

This brand is one of our absolute favorites! We approve 100% & we think you will too! We've got limited supply and we unfortunately aren't able to restock. When they are gone, their gone! Grab what your eyeing now! 

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